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Full text of "The Morphology And Evolution Of The Apes And Man"

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Fick (247), who made several very exact measurements, points out that the interpupillary distance is not much less than in Man. The nose is flattened, only the terminal part being prominent. The mouth is usually closed, and the thick lips are. bulged forwards by the prognathous jaws. The chin is flat, and has a slight beard. The external ear is degenerate.

FIG. 14.—Young Orang-Outans (Simia satyrus).
The Orang differs from the other Apes in the possession of cheek-pads, which are well shown in fig. 15. Much attention has been paid to these structures, but we are as yet ignorant of their frequency and significance. They are semilunar or triangular blinker-like appendages which widen the face; and they may be so large that the external ears are concealed behind them. During life they are turgid, but they collapse somewhat after